Business terms

I am a professional reporter and feature writer. I also make podcasts, produce short films, sell rights to use my photographs, undertake graphic design work, author websites, design campaigns, develop policy, deliver training and run events.

I am insured for professional indemnity and public liability.

I retain copyright in my work, but am happy to grant generous licenses to use my work – by negotiation, prior to use.

Payment of my invoices is strictly within 30 days. Payments later than this will be subject to a charge and interest in line with the Late Payment Of Commercial Debts Act (1998) and subsequent regulations. These are a charge of £40 on debts of less than £999 and £70 on debts between £999 and £9,999. In addition, interest will be charged at Bank of England Base Rate plus 8%.

If you use my work without prior agreement you will be liable to pay at double the rate that I would usually charge for use of that work.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, I licence use in my work for single use in single media.

I comply with GDPR for business purposes and exercise the exemption on journalistic material in respect of information gathered for the purpose of reporting.