In Hollywood blockbusters (and countries run by despots) attacks on the free press see journalists dragged to prison, presses smashed and tv stations forcibly shut. In Britain’s liberal democracy, undermining our ability to investigate, and to express freely what we find, takes different forms.  And three pieces of legislation before […]

Source marked: how journalists’ smartphones blow contacts’ cover

IFJ/NUJ/Guardian conference – Journalism In An Age Of Mass Surveillance The Guardian, London 16 October 2014  Above: Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger Cocktail shakers are newly popular among Guardian journalists, and manual typewriters are making a comeback.  Both result from rising fears about the state’s ability to gather ‘metadata’ from reporter’s […]

Captive audience – applying pressure to free journalists jailed in Egypt

Shocking as was the sight of Al Jazeera journalists  Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed locked in a cage while they were sentenced to long jail terms, broadcast pictures rendered the scene remote.   Meeting with the three journalists’ colleagues, and considering – arguing at times  – about what we […]

Net profits: making a living from blogging

Article originally published in the August/September 2013 edition of The Journalist A decade ago, Glasgow-based freelance Lucy Sweet, was one of Britain’s top-earning freelance journalists. Her tv reviews for The Sunday Express netted her £650 a week, and with regular work for The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Herald […]