I gave an interview to the makers of this film, expecting only a sentence or two of mine to make the final cut. I was surprised and delighted to find that my arguement runs right through the completed package. https://youtu.be/Q30EN4vbouU

A crowd outside the Express building in Fleet Street awaits Amy Johnson in 1932. (Getty)

In the rat-infested basement of The Public Benefit Boot Company in Leeds City Market, Harry Proctor was sacked. His boss had caught him reading a novel. The tattered pages had already worked their magic, however. It was 1932 and Proctor, …

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Article originally published in the December 2019 editor of NUJ Informed. Each September, Porthcawl is alive with white jumpsuits, improbable sideburns and gyroscopic hips as 40,000 Elvis impersonators descend on the Welsh resort. “Arrests are very rare, the whole event …

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