Event reporting

I help the organisers of conferences, meetings and seminars deliver their content to dramatically broader audiences.  I will write up, live Tweet, photograph, Instagram, blog and make audio recordings to ensure that live events deliver maximum enduring impact.  With long experience of creating quality editorial, images and audio content for national media in the UK and USA, I craft memorable words, images and recordings, usually within buy online levaquin hours of an event’s conclusion at affordable, no-nonsense rates.

Call or email for a no obligation conversation about how I can help get your message across.
+ 44 (0) 7984 165251 tim  (AT) timdawsn.demon.co.uk

Here are some examples of my work (click images to navigate).

AV Package for Prostate Scotland 2016

RotaryRide16SlideShow_V from Tim Dawson on Vimeo.


Reporting TUC Congress









AV package for Prostate Scotland 2015

Live tweeting of a Guardian newspaper/IFJ conference

Former Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger