Happy unions: Corbyn delights labour’s leaders

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader the day before Trades Union Congress gathered in Brighton electrified the annual gathering of shop stewards and general secretaries.  Speeches on the most prosaic subjects were greeted with thunderous applause if they included a hat tip to the MP for Islington North.  One militant […]

Post obsolescence: derelict checkpoints give me hope for humanity

Had I blinked, I would have missed it.  We approached the German-French border at nearly 100mph, and our speed dipped not one jot as we drove from one country to the next.  The Rhine, still watched but no longer warred over, provides a visual reminder that this is one of […]

Brown’s cool days

Originally published in The Sunday Times, 26 November 1995 Some say he’s blown his chance of being PM. Last week, he was attacked by his own colleagues. But an unexplored episode from his past shows why Gordon Brown should never be taken for granted. Tim Dawson reports In September 1970 London stockbrokers […]