Rayns’ end: a long career that preserved the best of live music

If a university education has any point, it is surely this. By exposing those seeking to learn to exceptional individuals, students may well pick up something of their knowledge and the craft of its creation. More important than facts, or intellectual techniques, however, is that aspirant scholars be inspired to […]

Rolling news

Regaining the power of the pedal after three months with a broken leg. A dart of pain shot up from my ankle as I threw my right leg over the crossbar.  As my weight settled on the saddle, though, the discomfort melted away.  I was terrified to lift my left […]

Brown’s cool days

Originally published in The Sunday Times, 26 November 1995 Some say he’s blown his chance of being PM. Last week, he was attacked by his own colleagues. But an unexplored episode from his past shows why Gordon Brown should never be taken for granted. Tim Dawson reports In September 1970 London stockbrokers […]